About Nandanvan

"Wedding industry is one of the most emotionally charged industry in India, and also one of the most disorganized one. I realized soon after my move back to Mumbai, that there were huge gaps in the market for a professional wedding planner, who can help people realize their dream wedding by treating it like one."

Momente seeks to make weddings a fantastic affair. Client satisfaction is high on Momente's priority list. We believe in transparency in all dealings. In today's time and age, when time is money, and brides and their families want the weddings to be an event to be remembered, we step in to make sure that every step of the way is memorable, enjoyable and as stress free as possible.

Keen on becoming a part of our client's family, we treat their needs and desires as our own. We strive to make things just the way you may have envisioned it.

During each stage, our clients are given a clear idea of which vendors they are dealing with, what processes are being taken care of and what needs to be looked into and what decisions must be taken. We plan everything from conception to the final evening when you walk down the aisle to take the marriage vows or exchange garlands.

We understand your emotional needs as well. We are available any time you may want to talk to us - be it about that nagging feeling regarding a particular flower which you think is not right, or when you need a shoulder to cry on. We provide you that impartial advice when you need it, and also help you deal with those tricky family situations where you struggle to get your word in. We are there throughout the processes as your advisor, your friend and many times as part of your family.

As wedding planners, we are a part of every minute detail of putting together the most special day in a couple's life. We at Momente promise to make your wedding a unique and elegant affair so the wedding remains etched in your memory forever!

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